Tuesday, August 16, 2011

YES!!!! My friend is coming to USA!

Yeah!!!! My friend is coming to USA for just visit right now from September 2nd to 12th. I am so excited to hear about that and I am so happy to know that he is coming to there....

I am thinking about that since I heard from him, and I am thinking what we will be going to do... ahaha

I will be doing a lot of things but still I love to spend time with my friend! so I will have a lot of thing going on!


oh yeah....

I am sure that I will be happy that I see him in the USA.... I plan to do a lot of things with him!  He is the best body for me right now and will be in the future!

When I go back to Japan, I changed a lot more than I thought... but this time I am changed!


I mean good way so I am happy!

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