Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st!

I went to Kumamoto City today which my friend is leaving from here. So I took her to airport. Also, we went to Kumamoto castle which is better than before, but it was so humid and hot. I can not believe that was not much fun....

here is picture what I took.

Kumamoto Castle in front

Kumamoto Castle back side

Kumamoto Castle inside display (old time looks like)
 Then we went to my favorite stop which is in the Kawara-machi. I am so happy to go there and look around that places! Because I didn't know a lot more things but the store owner show me and my friend around there! I am so happy about that! Thank you Nozoe which nico's owner!

here is some pictures
this is in front of NICO store!


second floor of NICO

OH! candles!

wow so so so desired
Then I went to Kumamoto Airport and international department... I was little bit disappointed about there but I was happy to hear that my friend had a great time in Japan! It is so nice and great time!

hope next year a lot of people come to my place!

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