Friday, August 5, 2011

Reminding of WWII from Hiroshima today.

Today is August 6th which is Hiroshima's bomb dropped date, and we have some memorial ceremony in Hiroshima. I am sure that people always remember this day (8/6/1945) and Nagasaki's day (8/9/1945) in Japan. I heard this bomb's dropped from my grandma all the time during these days, and only thinking about never happen again in the world. Peace is the best option for us to get no dropping atomic bomb again in this world in the future.

Japan was the first and last dropped atomic bomb place, and we knew that was the worst thing happen last 66 years of our history. But it was not only War's fault... Our human history worst happen and never forget about these days. So won't happen again in the future.

I am hopping this won't happen again, and don't want to see another place to have like this again anywhere. People were not much different from each other, and we shouldn't have another place have like this history event again. I am sure Japan will keep asking people to not have atomic bomb war use and getting less atomic bomb or nuclear bombs...

My grandmother was praying for all people who died during WWII, and I pray for people to have peace sleep for that time of victims. I don't like war and these scary stuff, but I can learn and see or hear about it all from whoever lived that time. All the time, I am scared and thinking about never happen another World War!

Hopefully, we have peace in the world now and future for forever!!!!!!

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