Monday, August 1, 2011

Had a great night!

Tonight I had a great night with one of my lovely friend! I met him this summer but I feel like I know him more than years of my life! I can not believe that I just met him this summer though. Also, now I know how much I missed a lot of things around here... :(

Oh well, that is ok.... Because now I am doing it as much as I can. Also, I am so happy that I could spend myself and my time with that newest friend, and getting know him! I also recognized that I need to make sure this kind of meeting important to my life.

here is some picture that what we did!
this is my friend and me
 at Kumamoto international airport
he is my great friend (TAKAHASHI)

this is Okoge with ... (I don't remember name)

mix fried rice!

pork kakuni with bread

one part of dinner plate

this is all of dinner me and my friend ate!
I am sure this time of the experience, I will miss more than anything. Also, I love to spend time with people and friends more and more. I recognized that I need to have life more and balance with study.... I shouldn't be just do study and ignore the society... ahaha

I will have a great summer rest of here and hope have a nice weather here! I hope to have a nice and great staying in Kumamoto at my home!

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