Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane IRENE

Today was all day long hurricane day, and it was not too bad I thought first. However it was not really good. Around here in Greenville has a lot of damages and I took some picture and video from my house view. I was so surprised that we had this kind of hurricane this year.

I can not believe that happen after I came back to Greenville.

here is the pictures
beginning of hurricane at 7am

already tree fell down

Broken Pole 

Hard Wind

around noon

When I was going here tree was broken and fell down
 During I was going through above road, I saw the tree comes down from up. I was surprised, but I was glad to be that didn't come to my car!

tree was fell down and crossed road

my back yard view

Tree was warped 

road is really dirty

tree is on the one car!

poor car

tree is blocking street

river water is coming to parking 

broken trees

near my house road blocking by tree

tree blocked the road
This is during and after hurricane and I cannot believe that happens.....

here is some video in front of my house.
this is my house view of hurricane

front view

Kuki was watching Hurricane IRENE storm

back yard view

I hope everyone had a good day other than hurricane is here....

I had a good day of off from everything, but still I was missing a lot of things since electricity was not there... but now electricity is back... so I am ok! yay!

hope have a nice and good SundaY!

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