Sunday, August 21, 2011

Went to last late meal with my mother on August 21st!

I went to late meal with my mother tonight, and I had Chicken Italian Cheese with Rice and Salad set. It was good dinner meal for late night... since this would be last dinner time meal with my mother before I leave Japan. Then we tried to get some Kakigori! But it was small and I didn't expected for this one. I usually get some better meal with that Kakigori.... so I was surprised, and I told them this is so small and another place is better and bigger than this one, then they told me to no cost for this one. So I was not saying that I won't pay it, but need to change it before another person is coming to ask them that same question as me.

Well here is the picture of it.

Green tea and Sweet Beans (azuki)

Strawberry with Mango
 You can see this is small... I usually got twice bigger than this and pay same cost as this one. Well, I didn't eat it any. ahaha

Well maybe I will be ok to eat but I was not really want to eat since they told me no cost.

Oh yeah, I will try to post more different one if I have chance to take the pictures!

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