Thursday, August 18, 2011

some of what I bought!

Yesterday, I bought some stuff... where is that? ... It was COMME CA ISM at Uki Value! I usually go there every year when I come back to Japan, but this year I couldn't go until last minutes of staying in Japan.

here are some of pictures what I bought!

shoes for some caudal wear ($260)

Shirts for under suite! ($125)

coat for fall and winter! ($270)...
It's not that much cost for buying from there... but it was kind of expensive for true cost! However, I got all of them discount... I won't tell you how much but if you have chance to go there, maybe you should go there and take a look at! it's a great deal!

Then before I left that Uki Value, I found some fun stuff

here is the picture!

mini Taiyaki! ($4)

small mini Taiyaki! (50¢)
I bought these and it has 6 different taste and I like all of them! I can not believe that I found! I am so happy to see all!

I may buy this before I go back to USA, so I can give to my roommate for this good taste when I arrived there...

Hopefully enjoy it!

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  1. たいやきの写真に 笑ってしまいました!いいですね!