Sunday, August 7, 2011

what would be happen?

What's going on for our money system in the world?

Is that going to be better soon?

Right now exchange money from Japan to USA is good, but from USA to Japan is bad. Because $1 = 78.40 yen. So if you have $100 = 7840 yen. That is really not good for exchanging money from USA.

It was $1 = 125 yen in 2008 so that mean when you exchange money that time you could get $100 = 12500 yen...

so it's really different from now! It's good to me because it is not too much for me to cost to go to school... but it's not much better when I start working and trying to send money to my mother... :(

Well, when it would be getting better?

hopefully 2013! ahaha

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