Friday, August 5, 2011

today's picture and this week pictures....

I was walking my dog twice this week since my body condition was not good as I thought.... So I decided to walk yesterday and later today... I took one picture today which was little bit cloudy, but I like the sky view at my hometown.

here is the picture

This looks like bad weather coming here....
When I took that time, it was not too bad.... Then right after I came home, rain stated... So I was glad to be back home. I am so happy to raining here because no raining here for more than 10 days....

Here is yesterday when I walked with my dog pictures...

this is near Tanoura River

this is near old elementary school
you can see two days differences. I am happy to take some pictures around my home and hometown during August!

Hope I will have some more pictures!

OH yeah! One of my dearest friend came here and visit me from Korea this past weekend! I haven't up anything here, but I am so happy to see her. I am glad that she came here and visit me! I wish she could stay in here longer than just three days, but I am sure I will visit Korea next year or next time I came home... Hopefully!

I am going to go to bed today earlier than usual since I still have little bit feel bad and don't want to eat food... But I am sure I need to make some dinner for my mother! ahaha She won't be back home until 9pm. So I can have some time for take a nap :P

OH yeah....
this is county side road
I like to drove this area... but I haven't go there long time.... That picture was two years or more ago.
Since highway built after that people won't go there much anymore, also getting so unpopular anyway...

I hope all of things get better!

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