Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kumamoto City

I went to Kumamoto City today again since I had some stuff to do....

Then I am sure that I will be there again before not too long....

here is some special pictures
Shoes and bags store

he is doing this store for 50 years

oh wow
inside store has car!

around there has grapes

this store owner's hobbies

Owner and Nico's owner

his good collections and see old posters!

Actually this is the oldest sewing machine in Kumamoto or Kyushu!

where does it come from?

this store's cat

older sewing machine outside!

cat was relaxing!

toilet! ... huh...
 I was laugh at this toilet because it was not much to keep secret from outside view to inside... and I can see more than enough under body side.... I mean is that something need to change? or is something I shouldn't notice about it?

this toilet was under the steps!
I was so surprised that toilet was not much security keeping from outside... and people didn't think this is no secret from outside... Also, I was really really laughing about this outside door of toilet... I can not really explain about this much... but It was something wrong for me...

Well, I guess people are using this toilet as their part of life, and nothing wrong with it... but looks like little bit dangerous to use and keep from outside.... but I think feel like not much different from normal toilet....

I had a great time with my friend and I am so happy about this visit, but I will miss here a lot!


  1. 先日もあっという間の時間でしたが、ちょっとした冒険も出来ましたね!

  2. 本当ですね。