Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane IRENE

I think Hurricane IRENE is coming to Greenville, NC and Eastern NC. I hope everything will be going to be ok. I am not sure what's going on yet, but seems like it will be weaken every hour now... So I guess it should be ok.

Also, Greenville NC will have 5-6" of raining total until hurricane is gone... so I guess it's ok.

here is the Hurricane looks like now.
Hurricane IRENE
I am hearing that news said that IRENE is getting weaker than they expected now, but still Category 1 Hurricane go through near here.

Right now outside is hard raining than I though... but It should be ok!

I will update more and more tomorrow!

have a great night!

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  1. ニュース見ました。日本でもニュースになってますが、かなり大型ハリケーンの様ですね、、、無事に過ぎることを願ってます!