Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GOOD NEWS to hear!

I heard and read that a good news for docomo users, but I am not sure that will be happy yet to conform. Because it is little bit too fast to know all this happen, but I got news from website where the docomo will get the selling right for iPhone next summer 2012. That makes people to know that it is nice and great time for people who are not owned the smart phone or iPhone. It is nice to know that we are going to have three all major cellphone companies have this device for sale in Japan!

I think this will give all of company to get more price of monthly plan cheaper or getting better option for the price that they are going to sale for customers from now on. Also, this makes our opportunity to get easier to change old style to new style as smart phone generations.

In the USA, iPhone is the most popular device for cellphone right now, but still market point of view it is not over the Android phone yet, but it will be change it after few years. iPhone is the only device Apple making and selling for cellphone company, but it making market for really good percentage since iPhone started sell in the USA, so I am sure that means in Japan, it will have some more changes in next year when they start selling iPhone from all major three companies.

I hope this will happen for us, and that makes people to think that is really good to have device for cellphone. Also, this is really nice to know the news for right now!

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