Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh my my...

Today, I had little bit busy day, and I was not really able to do a lot of things what I wanted to do. However, after dinner I had several time for doing some stuff, so I am ok.
Oh maybe I am going to stay up late again, but this is not really my fault to be up. lol It is really easy to be busy anytime!

Oh yeah, I use one dish which I really like to use and watch same time.
I got that dish for long time, but I was scary to use it because I broke that I hate that feeling.

Here is picture
this is Jadeite small dish
I am sure that if you have one or more favorite thing, you want to use but still same time you don't wanna break one. So you just not use it for long time, but finally you use or hold you have a good feeling.


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