Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trying to Do Some Stuff

I was trying to do some stuff for myself today in the morning, at noon, and at evening, but I was having little bit hard time for myself. However, I am able to finish some of thing what I wanted to finish. So I am ok for now. I will have time for doing this kind of work during weekend. But I need to think about what is the best way to do all this kind of things.

I am having much likely to do this for all day long but not much more than that. I am sure that.

Oh yeah, after that I made some lunch and dinner but I was not sure what I wanted to eat even though...

here is the pictures
Gyudon and Tataki
 I made Gyudon and Tataki for lunch but I ate small amount that time...
Gyudon and Steak... but...
At Dinner, I ate Gyudon and Steak, but But BUT! That steak was not much good... and I didn't eat all... :( So I decided to not eat much anyway after that....

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