Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today, I had little bit off time from school and some of things I was doing. However, I decided to some shopping, and doing some stuff. I need some day off from the everything what I was doing, but I was not really had day off... lol

I bought several stuff and spent only some dollars... yay!

Here is the stuff I bought.
Fire King Turquoise Blue Mug
 (not really able to find any where)
 This is Fire King Turquoise Blue Mug, and I am so happy to see and bought it. Also, the store owner give me 90% discount for this mug price. That was so sweet.

Fire King Turquoise Blue Fruit Bowl

Fire King Wheat Lunch Dish
 Those are Fire King Wheat Dish for lunch. It was whole sets for one price and store owner give me 40% off from price. I was lucky to see and bought it.

Fire King Ivory Mug
This is Fire King Ivory Mug. I found this one same place as where it is, and It was cheaper than what it is.

Then I went to near store for beach.

here is the picture
it's a beautiful place!
I saw this one and I was so happy about this. I wish I could live like here sometime, that would be a good place!

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