Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Back

Today is last day of summer time in this year 2011. Tomorrow will start normal time as everyone else do. Also, that means we will have winter soon! It makes myself little bit sad, because I want to have some kind of Fall feeling... It's already way too cold in here and feels like already winter! Where is the Fall goes?

oh yeah, today I met with my friend who is in Durham, NC. I wanted to stay in there little bit longer, but I had an appointment that is going to movie... so I have to leave there around 4pm... Well, I will see him again during Thanksgiving week. I believe. So I am sure I will have a good time that week!

Here is some picture
Coffee with Fire King Swirl Azurite

Cheese Cake with Passion Tea
This is just my coffee time in the morning and desert time after my dinner.

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