Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov. 6th, 2011

Today was a nice day and shiny outside. I couldn't sleep until 5am this morning, and I couldn't wake up until 12pm. But I need some good sleep for Sunday before I do something for my work myself. I just need to think about what I needed to do. Also, I finally found that I have left things to do until today's over. I am kind of getting used to be that way.

I just need to think that during this semester what I am really going to be... Or I just need to think about that what I am really priceable for...

Well, it is everyone always think and find out what it is in our lifetime, and everyone knows that what oneself is a good about. It is not who thinks about you, and/or society thinks about you. I think it is unto you that what really you are and what make you to be happy person.

Oh well, I am not an important person anyway, just I need to do that I need to do what it is for myself. ahaha

Here is my picture today.
I found this Fire King Logo on back of a dish

I like to see that after Halloween cookies
I hope everyone has a good week and have a great days!

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