Friday, November 25, 2011


I had a good day today, because I spent all day long for myself. I just like to have this kind of time. THen I decided to have some stuff in front of my house as usual for every year!

Here is outside picture!!
front of my house
 It's time for Christmas Decoration. I am sure this would be a good time for me to put there, and it is nice to have here in this weather for put up!

Look nice....
 Then I had some people help with this! ahaha My tutor kids helped me today put up this one!

After they left this one, I am so tired but I need to make some dinner so I made like above!

Before all this happen I took some picture of Hana and Kuki, but I only have one good picture!

Here is the one picture!
I think this is so cute! I really want to take separately for each one, but I couldn't do it... lol

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