Monday, November 28, 2011


Last week Monday of November, I just like to spend time for myself, but I had really bad headache and fever for in the morning. However, in the afternoon I got back little bit better since I slept from 9am to 1pm or 2pm. I am so surprised that I slept that much, but I am sure that was a great time to spend time for myself as getting better for my health condition.

Well, I am so happy now, and I was helping my professor for after all today.

I just thinking about that how I am going to do for this week and next week so i can be ok for myself. 

Now, I am watching a TV show and relax for a little bit then start study for my exam soon!!! 

Oh yeah, this is what my life right now until I graduate and get a job in here.

I am going to look at my job soon again, so I will have some kind of good job to find for myself.


I have several job officer from school job places, but I am not graduate from University until December 2012. So I will find it soon after this year!

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