Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I might have a long week end of october... Because I have four exams coming up and I am not ready for any of those exam... I wish i could not have four exam one week.... and I could have two exams each week... However, it happens now.. so i need to handle out with that.....

I am so glad to be have a great and nice days those past few weeks... however, I am not very good mood a lot now.... But i need to be ok soon.

Wish me luck!


Today is Friday, and I should be happy for today and weekend, however, I amnot happy before my birthday.... Because next week Monday and Wednesday I have two exams .... THAT'S SUCK! Also, I have one quiz today, and I hope that Genetics quiz will be easy for me! Quiz question is only 5 or 6 questions, but I am not sure about that! Quiz covered about Mitosis and Meiosis... I know these terms of what functions are and I learned them when i was in high school. (9/23/2005)

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