Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Know Who I Like And I Wanna Be With.

This is very uncomfortable things to me happen right now, and I am so sad whenever I move to North Carolina. Because finially I find out who I like and wanna be with a person. However, I think I will not say anything to anyone, and I don't think the person will know about that. This is very wonderful thing to me, but I can not think about it right now... Because I know what's going on anytime, and I know I am so much think about it. Whoever knows about this I don't think no one can guess who I like or who I love. I wish I could say to infront of any people who I wanna tell and who I can tell. However, I can not say to the person and cannnot tell anyone ahahaha (T=T)
If the person who I love or wanna be with, I will be very very happy and talk to the person anytime! However, I don't think anyone like to talk to me anytime. because I am so stupid person whenever I cannot stop talking with anyone. ahaha that's bad... Sorry everyone!(>_<) Anyway, I will be in Macomb IL until August 6th or 7th hopefully, but I am not sure yet about that. ALSO, that is depended on my friends decision of an apartment.

Oh, yeah! I am thinking to come back at WIU on Octorber 15th through 18th. I wanna see all of my friends at WIU, but most of my friends have classes those days! That's not fun any at all if they are busy..... Hopefully, I will hung out with everyone!

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