Saturday, May 7, 2005

Last Saturday

This is Saturday afternoon, I am always get bored and nothing to do. I am so happy right now, because I am talking with some of my freinds.

Now on, I will be busy until Wednesday night. Just I need to know what I want to do after Wednesday until June 3rd. I will have nice and great three weeks vacation for summer... That's only short vacation, however, I always love to spend time myself. Also, this summer will be different from other summer, becaue I have a lot of friends who I know right now. However, I have no idea what I can do for them and what I can get from them. I am so happy to spend with them a lot of time, but I guess we don't have enough time.

Also, I know who i like to be my freind, who i want to be my friends and who i need to be think more and more last few days. I might not be here much longer and not good to be make some friends. However, I need to get some friends during summer classes when I took those at WIU.

I have no idea how I can have a fun in here, but I will make a fun everyweek. Because I don't have classes from Friday to Sunday.

Anyway, I hope all of my friends have a great weekend, and having fun after finish Final Exams.

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