Sunday, May 1, 2005

Almost end of semester

Hello, everyone.

So today, I have a good thinking of view in my life, and I am getting better for it. However, I have a problem of relstionships with someone who I love or who I really like. This is not bad thing to have a problem, but it become a bad problem or good problem with thinking every day. I know how relationships is complicated, and I need to think about it most of my life. Relationships is not only boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but also it is related to friendship, family, and other relationships. However, most comlicated relationship is boyfriend/girlfriend relation. I knew that so much about what's going on, however, sometime I cannot handle out and cannot stand up itself.
This is my day… However, I don’t think I am good for a person any at all sometime. But I am doing everything for the person what I can do and whatever I want to do for. Right now, the person was just worried about me like I did not get bored or I did not get nothing to do. However, I am thinking that enough for me, I like to spend time with the person and as long as I have fun with... That I am ok for it. I hope his roommate does matter any at all what we are doing. I don’t know how much I want to ask the person , and I want to be. But I am not sure to ask that question right now. Just afraid to ask the person who I like to that question. I should not think about what I want to ask or what I need to do right now. However, who knows and whoever can tell me what the person's mind is. No one knows right now, and I guess the person just knows what wants to be our relationship. I like the person, and even I think now I really like the person. I will love with the person or fall in love with the person. I hope the person will do same thing I do, but I don’t want to hurry to get relationship with the person. Because of my ex-partner who knows who the hell is. I don't want to the person think about it much. Because I love the person I knew I will but I did not think I really like the person and this much of feeling I love the person right now. The person did not know until I say to the person, but the person can feel it anytime when we are get together.
The person is smart, elegant, nice, cool, good looking, and whatever the person wants to can get, but if the person chose me, I would rather say to the person “I love you” anytime, anywhere, and whenever! This is not going to be happen a lot of time what I wan to when I like someone. I hope I will have a good relationship with the person and long time term to be become. I am not a good person to the person a lot, but I am trying to be better person to who i love. It is opportunity getting someone and gets relationship with a specific person. This experience will help me to get better everybody thinks, however, I am thinking this way, if I lose this relationship with the person, I won’t have another person for my life. Because the person is greatest and perfect person ever I had. I am guessing if we get together like relationships of love, I hope we will be best couple in the life. This is my story of one day in Wisconsin. I never forget the day I spent time with the person. You are the best person, and never fined another person who looks like the person.
In addition, I can tell the person is tired all day long to day and he said to me “I was sleeping in the class, but it is not big deal.” However, I was feeling bad when the person was sleeping in the class… I hope the person won’t sleep in the class again when I sleep with tonight. The person is so cute when sleeping, and I like to watch that all the time and I want to take some pictures but I don’t know the persion will allowed taking picture like a lot. I already take one picture of that, but it is not enough a good picture… so I will take another picture soon if I possible to take sleeping face. I have no idea what I can do right now, and what I want to do for the person. I am so happy, maybe too happy to see the person. Always, I am thinking of the person anytime, whenever I do not be staying with the person. Kind of I love to stay with the person. So I will have a good night and sweet dreams with the person someday hopefully. However, I won’t make the person up later because will get tired again. So I will let the person sleep like before 1am. I will sleep whenever the person wants to go to bed.

This is my make up story... I hope I have real life like this story!

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