Tuesday, May 10, 2005

One Love Wonderful World

To this chest of Love, love, and it loves us.

When Love, love, and love we are born, it doesn't tell it in the voice by the trembling finger.

It begins to overflow from Love, love, and it loves us.

Love and Love and Love . I take only a naked words, deliver this song.

You were brought in reality a long time ago or it is lie, though "Found it by chance" was said a little while ago.

Candle looks at you, you are looking at the ring.

Happily received from him, it sits on the counter of this shaky shop counter.

You are mine though my dripping doesn't drop INTO your mind until the counter and the Cassis soda is lost.

So as not to leave you here, only a little bit more whether we begin to get drunk. Don't leave. Stop, time and stay with me.

This is my true feelings. I think that you should depend a little on me and drink more.

And, you only have to lean against me.

However, all words have been drunk and only silence exists.

Those are most intereste my mind today.

I hope you enjoy to read this.

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