Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Most Beautiful Mind and I Think I Am In Love With Someone

I want to do something for you in you the next.
I have the voice neatly heard because it doesn't care at any time.

I will come to have a tightness in one's chest so much why.
And, my pain why softens, and touches me by your palm.
Did I infect the cold with you?
Suddenly, because you had coughed, I thought so.
Two feelings piled up on the tree leakage day when it pours down are wonderful.

I want to do something for you in you the next.
I make the voice neatly heard when you want to cry.

Time that it can speak where to go thus doesn't change and I am wishing that I will continue in the future on the weekend as what was done this time last year.
To protect it in the crowded intersection, the shoulder was held.
The gentleness of you casual was glad.

When it is painful, is it for a moment nearby already luxurious to think though only you wanting to tell it overflow later though it will be possible to meet tomorrow?

I want to share a happy thing painful by neatly two people.
May I say only a little selfishness to you?The chest that touches faintly is held more strongly than anyone.

Hope I can say to my lover in the future who is going to be in love with me and I will fall in love with someone.

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