Sunday, June 19, 2005

Great Night and Worst Night

I had a great night with my friends who is living in America long time, and I had a worst night with my friends who came from Japan. I was little bit not good anytime whenever I talk or spend with Japanese people, and I had bad time with them a lot.

However, during summer, most of WIU students know not many American students are in town, and my American friends are not here anyway. Also, I try to spend time with Japanese people now and for summer. That was not good idea, and it was huge mistake and choice for me. Because most of Japanese people dislike me now, and I just want to they know me more and more. Also, I want to they know understand me what my character is.

AnYwAy, who know me most. I don't think no one does that. So now on, I decided to not talk to any Japanese people, and I should not be they know me. Because they don't like me, and I knew that. Why should I let they know me and change their mind? I can not change their mind easily, you know, and everyone knows how it works. It is so complecated, and I think that is most difficlut thing to do anytime and anywhere.

How many people know how relationship is important to me? I don't think not many people know that, and I hope my best friend and my good friends know that. However, whom I love and whom I like who knows, and why I don't know that! I know who I love and who I wanna be with. Also, I know how much I love that person or how many time I thought that. Ahahaha.... I know what I wanna be with my friends and what I need to get relationship with my friends. However, anytime I made friends, but they think I am just stupid person ever in the world (who came from or live in Japan). Anyway, I am not ganna be in the group a lot of time, and I hate being in the group also. That makes me making friends harder? I don't think it is not making me any hard to make friends.

However, who hate me and who don't wanna be my friend but just a seeming friends make me to get friends harder or harder than I thought. Because they like to talk about me vey very very badly! That makes me so sad! You know and you can tell that.

Anyway, I am so tired this morning. I am goin to off to bed soon!

It's 4am morning in Sunday! I hope I will get up at 7am or 8am and doing some reaserch for my second speech!

In any case, I hope my friends and I will have a wonderful Sunday!

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