Wednesday, October 5, 2005

oh good good but not good

Oh great… I am so stressed out today after my Exss 1000 class at 11am…. However, I could not talk to anyone about it. By the way, I am glad to I have job right now… That job is tutoring for one Japanese family for teaching junior high school and high school students for one to two hours. I was very very enjoyed about tutoring them tonight. Also, I had very good time with talking to their parents. I think I will be good at teaching Math, English, Chemistry, and other some objective studies! However, I need to study for Culture Anthropology Exam after that. But my mood was not that much, and I was sick anyway. I went to dinner with my roommate and my good friend, Toby. My roommate was hungry and so am I. Toby can speak little bit Japanese, and we talk about what Japanese culture is. I loved talk about what’s going on. Ahaha! I am going to study all night, and I might not able to go to class tomorrow morning. However, I have to go there and take some note during chemistry lecture class. I hope I am good at studying a lot of things one day, and I am very good student in here. Also, I wish I could use and know a lot of in English! I am not good at any now. I can teach in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry and some other, but I am not well enough. However, I am so good at Math and I can teach anytime after I graduate this university. Also, I love math, and I wish I could change to Math major and get math professor job in the U.S. A That will be very cool, and I might get job at ECU or any other university!

Oh well I need to go back to my and my roommate apartment now, so have a great days you guys!!!

Happy happy days everyone

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