Saturday, June 18, 2005

One Day I Thought and I Am Thinking

It's Saturday, but I am bored as hell right now....
However, I live with that anyway.
I am going to be get a good time with my friends in the night, but it means nothing to me.

Anyway, I am wishing to have fun with my best friend and my good friends, and wish to be they are here... I miss them a lot and I want to visit them if I possible to do!

I knew it won't happen to me whenever I stay in Macomb. Also, when I leave here to NC, I will not see them a lot and I miss them more than I do now. I am not good at anything about it. I made my friends in IL, and I love them a lot more. Only my hope is going to visit them anytime if I can. That make me better feeling. Also, anytime I don't feel well enough, I will not think about leaving here next month. I know I am glad to find a school in NC, but I am not happy with leave here and make new life... However, I need to do anyway, that way I can still be with my major.

I like here in Macomb. Macomb is not very fun place to stay in, but it is very good to make a lot of friends. Also, what I want to do in here I can do it, and I am greatful of that.

I miss Western Illinois University, their stuff, professors, friends, and my best friend. My best friend is in Chicago right now, but I wish I could visit him before I leave in IL.........

Never think about I want to see him, and I love to hung out with him anytime. My best friend makes me Laugh and Feeling better anytime when I am not well enough.

I know I will miss my floor people which in Washington Hall 13th and 14th floor people who always talked to me and had fun together. Never ever think and I did not talk to them about I am going to transfer until end of Spring 2005. I was not sure about I will or not, but now I know I will. I hope I will see you all of them and have fun together

Those thoughts are one of my free time and i was thinking about you guys, my friends...

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