Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Too much going on one week!

I have 30 minutes to go about my class now... I have a long day until Friday.... Hope I will be ok... I was kinda dying this morning, because I had Exam and went to class. Now, I need to go to Ecology Lab class until whenever it will be finished. After that I need to study for my Organic Chem exam tomorrow, and after that I need to finish writing about my Chem lab report this time. I have so many things to do everyday now... and tomorrow I hope I will get out of class until 4pm... but I might not be able to do that because of Chem LAB!

I need to study, study, study until this weekend, after that I need to read, read, read and read for my website assignment! Which so bad.... I wish I can have a long week for relax and rest of my sleeping....

my body is very bad condition right now, and I think I should go to see doctor. However, I have no idea what they are talking about sometime, so I decided to not to go and not need to know anything... until it gets wrose it!

Hope everyone has a great and wondefull day!

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