Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sorry to My Friends!

I am so bad feeling about I was doing something telling my bad habit of what I am afraid of and I am not good at...

Mike: I am so sorry to be telling you about I am afraid to talk with Black people... that is all of my fault to say that.

Daniel: I just could not have time to talk with you a lot of time, I told you and keep in touch with you... Sorry about that.

Michael Menke: I could not say to you about anything before I decided to move, and I told you last one in my friends.... I am so disappointed myself to telling you, and I just don't wanna see your face to be sad.

Ken, Steve, Tim, John, Brent, Paul, Hugo, Andy, Kevin, and Alex.
I did not think about I was moving, and I decided to tell you guys everything about myself if I can.

I am so disappointed about myself right now, and I think sometime I am not good at anything. And I try to be nice to everyone of my friends, but it is not working a lot.... (>_<)!

hope next time, i will be ok and i will see you guys!

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