Sunday, July 3, 2005

I Love One Person So Much

Feelings that the distance of two people contracts terribly did.
When the arm was able to be united naturally, and it looked up at the sky cold alone of me, feelings were understood.
It is not tea Era in the convenience store, and it naturally shares by two people and it is enshrouded to your chest.
It is for a long time nearby and I want to watch you loved for a long time.
Moreover, your getting warm is a present of winter. It is a boast snow.

Even if faced with a painful thing and loneliness somewhere.
I swear it is honest to these feelings to think of you.
I will be very glad of hearing if it is possible to become a song that you gave done CD.
Thank you for wanting to say for a long time and associating for a long time.
It snows that embrace a more favorite person closely strongly.

I mysteriously felt feelings that not were be sure to thin while looking for the present be able to be connected each other.
It is and I want to look for the dream to nearby for a long time thoroughly for a long time.
Moreover, it is a boast snow by which the sky vomits a white breath to the street corner.

This is what I feel for one person who I love.

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