Saturday, September 10, 2011

I found a small....

I went to an Antique store yesterday, and I found a surprised stuff.... That is tiny size Fire-King Cup and Saucer. I was really surprised that size, and I didn't think it is existing in this world anyway. I saw several things like that glassware cup and saucer for smaller than usual ones, but this is first time I saw the Fire-King one.

I am thinking about that maybe other ones have like that.

here is the pictures.
small Fire-King Cup and Saucer

Compare with normal size one

Has "Fire-King" logo
I am so surprised that it really has all logo, and everything I see at the picture like that. Also, that size was actually fit inside normal size one.

I am glad to find this one, and maybe I can find some other one if it is existing!

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