Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Birthday

Today is September 25th, which is my birthday!

I am glad to have my birthday on Sunday, and have little bit good day of the year start~!

It's nice that I have several people already said to me "Happy Birthday". I am so glad that people remember that when my birthday is.

Yesterday, I got some antiques, and it came to here at my house.

here is the pictures
Fire King Primrose Snack Sets

Pyrex Sunshine (1981)

Fire-King Primrose Snack Sets with Ice-cream Cake 

I like to see that kind of thing and have a fun to eat like that with drink! It's nice to see that kind of things! Because it is nice to see the dishes and cups during eating some things, and same time you can look at them. That makes my feeling warm and better also make me a good time before setting up this, during eating and after eat food. After eating, I usually happy to see all this design, and how nice to have those dishes and good time I spent it. I am sure this is what I can do in America at my house!

I hope I will have a great day of my birthday!


  1. 改めまして、誕生日おめでとうございます!
    (アメリカ時間では もうすぐ25日ですね?!)

    すごく 優しい感じの柔らかい色合いで良いですね。

  2. ありがとうございます!