Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day and night trip for DC August 2nd to 3rd

I went to DC past days, and I had a great time with my friend! IMy friend is who came from Japan, and he went to visit Washington DC right after that ahaha.

I first time went to night time of memorials and Smithsonian Museums in DC. It was really nice to see all over places at night, and it was so beautiful!

here is some picture of night time!
Lincoln Memorial 

Lincoln Memorial 

front view of Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln Statue

World War II Memorial

Washington Monument from World War II Memorial

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial view from WWII memorial

Night at Washington DC was so nice, and it was really good time to spend time if you are in DC, I really like that what's going on sometime during night. Also, it's nice place to visit anyway!

I also went to visit museums during day-time, it was not too many people that time, so I went to several different places.

here is some picture of museum
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument

Museums information

display for Washington DC inside Smithsonian Information Center

making new Smithsonian Building

capital building

moon stone

IMAX theater inside Smithsonian 

Smithsonian Information Center

I am so happy that I spent time in DC for all day long, and I had a great fun time with my friend! I wish to stay in DC one more day, but it's not really possible for me ahaha :P

Well hopefully next time, I will stay in DC as life ;-)


  1. 村上さんの記事を見て 感動しました。素敵な写真をありがとうございます!!!

  2. ありがとうございます!