Thursday, September 15, 2011

DC Picture!

I didn't put this picture on my blog yet, but now I miss seeing this one. But now I am able to put this one. Also this makes me to have a great friend in the world everywhere, and I can hang out with people like this.

here is the picture!
in DC
 We were tried to take picture with Washington Monument, but we couldn't take it so we took again!

in DC between park and Smithsonian 
I got Washington Monument but my face was little bit scary... lol

Well, we have memory of that trip of Washington DC with my friend who will be my great friendship partner! :D

I was so happy that I could go to see a lot of thing in DC that day! I will not forget about it since I did things! YaY!

Oh yeah, I hope we will have a great life in the USA and Japan!

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