Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Huh feel empty

I feel like I have hole in my heart... (-。-;
(なんかポッカリと心に穴が空いているような気がします(-。-; )

Well I am sure that I miss my friend already and wish him to stay here, and I could have more things and talk with him.

Oh yeah, I am sure I will have some days off from work and study but I need to make up what I didn't do for right now. So I will be busy for next few weeks but I will be ok. I wish I could tell my friend that I am so happy that he stayed in here for 10 days and had great time with him.
(今からは少し勉強や仕事などが忙しくなりますが、休みもあると思います。まぁ、休んでいた分いろいろと忙しくなりそうですが。。。アハハ \(//∇//)\ どうにかこうにかやっていくつもりです。心残りがあるとしたら友達に伝えたかったことを言いそびれてしまったことです。それは10日間も一緒にいてくれて楽しかったよ(^-^)/と本当に嬉しかったということです(=´∀`)人(´∀`=) )

I hope my friend will be back and visit me again later or next time he has time, and other friends who want to come over and stay in my place I am more than welcome to everyone. Also, hope people have a great time whenever they do anything!

Have a great week for everyone!

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  1. You will be fine and get better soon. Hopefully, you have a great week ;)