Monday, September 12, 2011

My Friend Went Back

I went to Washington DC today with my Japanese friend who was going back to Japan at 12:30pm Flight!

I was sad now after I came back to Greenville, NC, and I wish that he could stay little bit more.... But I guess I will be ok after all. However, I was remembering that my dogs were played with him. Also, they seems like they miss him too. :(

I miss my friend a lot, but I am sure I will meet with him when I go back to Japan next time, but I am not sure when I go back yet... but I hope I will have time for everything I want to do next time I go back home.

I have memories to remember anyway that makes me to happy and have stronger to stand up all things what I will have to do for next few weeks...

I totally forgot to take picture with him at airport before he left here.... but I am sure we will have again somehow to take pictures next time!

Hope he will have a safe trip back to Japan and arrive at Kumamoto!

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