Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pyrex SunShine

Pyrex cups in pattern "Sunshine" from the Traditions Livingware line circa 1981.

One of the four colorways from the Summer Impressions line designed by Candace Faber, this is the only colorway with two colors: green and yellow.
These 5 ounce cups measure 3.75" across and 2.75" tall.
These cups are in excellent condition with complete patterns, no staining, chips or cracks.
Microwave safe, made by Corning USA.

Pyrex Sunshine

Microwave SAFE!!!
I am so happy to get this information for Pyrex Cup which I like to get some day. It's nice to see what's going on and I see that when I born year is same as this Cup made and design came to the world from Pyrex! It's nice to know what year it made!


Well, hopefully, I will have a good weekend!

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