Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think I did well this exam

I think today's exam what I took I did well enough, and I think I got around 85~90% of answer was correct, but I wasn't sure 3 questions... I wish I had more time to study for that three questions what I didn't sure about.

But it's over that exam, so I shouldn't think too much about it because I can not do anything anymore to change the exam answer. Also, I know that I got more than 80% of answer was current since I knew that answer really good! So I am happy with that anyway!

So now, I need to study for next exam which I have two week to study and I still have more time for study for next lecture's quizzes! So I am really happy for that I have time for study quizzes and exam!

Well, I will post some other things tomorrow!

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