Sunday, September 11, 2011

yesterday and today

Today is the last day for my friend to stay at my house, and I am sad that my friend is leaving tomorrow here. However, it is time to think I will be ok and good.... I am sad, but I have to be ok :)

Oh yeah, me and my friend went to Antiques past two days, and I bought some stuff. I am so glad to be went to there with my friend.

Here is some pictures.

Fire-King Shell Cup and Saucer (small)

compare to normal one
 I found this another one, and I am so happy to see it. I really really wish to find more if I can do it. Also, it is nice to see what's going on with these cups! I am really surprised that Fire-King made this different size cup and Saucer!

FIre-King Azurite Charm Cup and Saucer
Fire-King Logo with Azurite Charm Cup
Fire-King Logo with Azurite Charm Saucer
Mug for Fire-King

Fire-King Cup and Saucer
with Flower Orange Color
 This is one of Fire-King Cup and Saucer Flower Series and I have 6 of them now! yay

Fire-King Creamer and Sugar Cups with Ivory

Fire-King Kimberly Blue Bowl
 I finally got this Blue Kimberly Bowl, and now I have Mug and Bowl both for 4 different colors.

Fire-King Kimberly Blue Mug and Bowl
Well this is all what I found and bought ones, and it cost not a lot and I am happy for that....

I wish to find some more, but I don't have time after this weekend.... so I guess I will not get more things after this anymore.... :( that would be sad thing but I need to deal with it until I finish school at least!

Oh yeah, I will be in DC tomorrow but I will come back to Greenville later tomorrow afternoon anyway!

I hope my friend will have a safe trip to go back to Japan!

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