Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today and yesterday...

Today and yesterday, I went to one of middle school not in Greenville, but next town call Chocowinity.

I really like to go there and doing some work with Middle School students. I made website for their presentation. I will put here sometime later that website.

Oh now I should talk about my new stuff. I bought iPad 2 on March 11th, 2011. It was so much fun to get that. I had iPad, and I really like iPad but I like the new iPad 2 as well. Also it is much better to use so far. I think it is easy to use anyway.

I am trying to show some place around Greenville tomorrow post, but not sure where should I post yet. But this week or next week, I will put some pictures of university where I go school. I think this will make people to know what looks like and how that school works for international students. Also, American students and professors are very nice to us. I am sure people will like here.

here is some picture of iPad 2

This picture shows iPad 2 with Blue Smart Cover

This is iPad 2 back

this is iPad 2 

I just posted some pictures of iPad 2, and it is white one. I wish Apple sale white iPhone 4 as well... but maybe iPhone 5 will be announce and sale with white one!

this is my dog HANA-Chan. 
Hana is my dog since 2006. I am so happy to have her as my pet and seems like she is one of my favorite pet ever I had. She always sleep with me, and she tried to wake me up several time when I don't wake up around 7am.... lol

Well hope she will have a happy life with me! I am so happy spent time with her. :)

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