Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SAKURA in Greenville, NC

I totally forgot to post about SAKURA TREE.

In Greenville, NC and around here, you can see a lot of SAKURA TREES. When I first came here, I was not expected to see these trees, and I was surprised. Also East Carolina University has a lot of SAKURA TREES around campus.

I took some pictures last week on Thursday, but I forgot to posted here yesterday or before that.

Well here is the picture of the tress.

This is one of big SAKURA TREE in front of Austin Building at ECU. I like to watch the Tree all the time during this time of year. Also, when weather is nice, I like to study under the tree.

Here is one more picture of it.

you can see this tree is big enough and tall near the building next to that. I guess you can tell that Japanese people are like to see this SAKURA every year when they are comes around.

I hope you are enjoyed looking at this picture.


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