Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today, I had little bit time, so I went to Antique Stores. I usually not have enough time to go somewhere from Greenville during week days. (今日は少し時間があったので、アンティークのお店にいってきました。月曜日から金曜日まではいつも忙しいので行く事がないのですが。。。)

There was little bit of stuff I can see since time was limited, but I saw some stuff. Also, I bought some of Fire-King dishes. (そこのお店にはそこまでいろいろなものはないのですが(時間もなかったのですが)、少しだけ見つける事ができました。そして何個かのファイヤーキングを買う事ができました。)

Fire-King Shell Jade-ite Cup and Saucer

Fire King Jade-ite Custard, Deep, Ruffled Top

Fire-King Jade-ite Chili Bowl

Fire-King Jade-ite 

These are what I bought, and it was not expensive. Total cost is just less than you are expected to spend.

This is after my work and before I go tutoring on Monday, but still I had a good day.

Tomorrow, I will post something better.

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