Sunday, March 20, 2011


FIRE KING is antique collectable items. It is really nice and you will like them after you use it. A great thing is old but still able to use and hard to break. However, I haven't buy this from Greenville, NC. I went to several different places or internet to found some people to gave or sold me.

It is hard to find all of them, but here is some of what I have right now.

This is what I like to collect. However, it is really hard to find them. I wish I can get it somewhere near here ;)

well, I think I can try to find some of them online... Well, it maybe more expensive than I just go to get them.

Now, I have little bit, but as long as I can here in Greenville, NC maybe I can find some more stuff sometime later or every month where I go.

Hopefully, people enjoy reading this if you reading and comment of me that would be nice!

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  1. I too love collecting Fire King glassware. I only recently discovered the Azurite, but I have an entire set of Jadeite. Beautiful collection you have :)