Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday is good day of the week....

Today is actually better weather, and I like this way. (今日は天候もより、いい日になりました。)

I wasn't sure what to write before I started, but now I have a topic to talk. (私は何を書こうかと書く前までは悩んでいましたが、書き始めたら1つの話題について書こうと思いました。)

That topic is tomorrow's middle school students presentation. We will have presentation about middle school student reading books. I read most of them, and I am really enjoy hearing about the books from them. Also this is good opportunity for them to explain what their thoughts, and what the books are.

Today was last day for making presentation and website for themselves, and I was helping them for technical parts. It was really great working with them, and I learned that how they need to teach or support from us like teachers and assistants.

I am excited about tomorrow's presentation and hopefully it will go well!

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