Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sakura ending...

I just looked SAKURA Tree today, I saw it is almost end of period. I took picture of one tree where it is located at Greenville Park.

I am sure you can look at this, and tell that sakura flower is gone for some of part of tree... :( that makes me sad feeling and I wish that Sakura is longer than one.

But that makes here will have summer sooner anyway. Also, this makes me to think about that Japan has some Sakura festival.

However, just sad to see sakura is getting gone for beautiful view to ugly tree with leaves... 

Well, it is just life and just can not avoid any at all. :-(

However, I had chance to look around in Greenville, NC today. I really like that, and nice day as well.

That above picture is what I took at park and I like to go there sometime. Because it is good place to walk with my dogs. However, I didn't walk with dogs because I can not go to school with them anyway. 
OH! but it was nice fine beautiful day I saw in Greenville life. My stress was going away from me when I saw like this picture for my view. 

I am sure people like to go there and walk around park and rest there, doing some sports, and riding ships or so on. If I have something to do, I would stay in there for a while, and spend my day alone. But I like to during my dogs with me and I felt I need them. ahaha :D

Well hope Greenville will have another day of like this.

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