Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Fire King collection!

I bought some collections....

I bought it last week to yesterday several Fire King Antiques, but I spent less than people think.

here is some collections!

this is Wheat Custard Cup

this is Blue Heaven Custard Cups

this is several custard cups

this is another one

this is Azurite Blue Cup and Saucer

this is turquoise dinner plate

this is Turquoise Cup and Plate (Snack Plate)

this is Turquoise Blue Cup and Saucer

I bought some and this is just part of my collection. I don't know how many people are interested to look at those pictures. (これらは一部のコレクションです。どのくらいの人が興味があるかわかりませんが写真を見てみてください。)

I bought it cheaper price since whoever sold me that time gave me discount around 50% to 60%.... lol

Well hope you will enjoy looking at them.

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