Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, I just want to write down here is only one thing. That is "Where Greenville Spring Goes?"

I felt like, just started Spring here in Greenville, NC but seems like it's already summer came... Hummm

Well, it is nice to have summer temperature already, but it is not really ready yet in here. I want to enjoy Spring! You know what I mean that.

By the way, this is nice to continues something what I haven't been doing it.
 This post is third one this week, and start from three days. I usually forgot to write about Blog because I had different one before. But this time, I am going to continue to do it anyway. It is just my daily stuff comes up... sorry!

I usually not thinking what to write in here until I start writing. Also, I want to write down something for Japanese people who want to know about Greenville, NC. But Still i like to my friends who is here in Greenville and who are American people to read.

I think this will make myself develop and learning how to make story what I want to write. Also how to make this Blog fun. :)

I am not sure what to write tonight, but I think above picture is nice. I found in my folder, and I remember that what I really like to see this.

I am sure people can tell that this is cotton and not snow or anything. lol

I think this picture is my mind right now, and will be like this for little bit of time. I am trying to back myself up to things go through, but still I am not really going on yet. I love to drive around and I really enjoy doing that! :)

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