Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nice DAY and not too hot!

I had a nice weather today, because it was not too hot, and in the morning was cool down temperature too. So I was kind of really good mood to start the day! However, I was busy and didn't even think what's going on after all. So I was kind of tried and didn't even think that what I needed to do. When I came back home today, my dogs needed to go to animal hospital to get shots. Because they will stay at some other place for two months... So they needed to get shots.... I went to veterinarian place that time my dogs are really crazy!... But after they got shot from Vet, they were cum down. ahaha. Well, that was quick and short time for them. So that was good! Then I came home and made some dinner! It was a good dinner, I made and ate tonight!

here is my dinner
this is my dinner!
Oh white rice was left over from yesterday.... ahahaha

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