Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Wednesday....

Today was the last day of my final, so I was extremely busier than I thought of. However, I finish all of what I needed to do until 3pm then I had relaxing little bit. BUT BUT I forgot that I needed to do some stuff after I came back home during I was cleaning.... So I came to my desk and so on!.... awww.... Well, during my stuff done, I was cooking same time for dinner. My dinner was pork miso soup, fired vegetable, salad, and rice. I made really small meal today, but I really like to eat that. I guess now to next weekend, I will not make too much food, but I hope I will take picture when I make it! ahaha. I will miss what I am doing this kind of thing, but I am ok I think. Oh yeah, I will post my dinner later.

here is the picture!


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